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About Avia

The following years were spent building experience in planning travel for my company, family and friends, learning the ins and outs of the industry and nurturing the contacts needed to offer an outstanding service for travelers on all budgets. 


In 2016, I opened Steele Away Travel. Every time my customers tell me what their vacations have meant to them, I’m reminded that it was the best decision I ever made.


My Philosophy

At the heart of everything I do is one core belief: that the opportunity to explore this amazing world we live in shouldn’t be off-limits to anyone. That means no matter your budget, no matter your vision, I will take pleasure in finding the ideal trip for you. 


Everything I do is led by my customers. Your job is dreaming up your perfect trip; my job is making it happen.


Get in touch with us today to begin a journey you'll never forget! 

I eat, sleep and breathe travel, and as an expert travel agent, I have years of wide-ranging experience in organizing all kinds of trips for all kinds of customers. 

I was thrown into the deep end of travel planning over 15 years ago, when my company asked me to arrange a Disneyland vacation for an employee. It sounded easy enough… until I realized the employee’s family had eight people in it. But I rose to the challenge, finding them their perfect vacation home in Orlando. Afterward, they told me their vacation had been more amazing than they could have imagined, and thanked me for making their fantasy trip a reality. Suddenly, something became clear to me: this was what I wanted to do. 


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