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Visit Aruba

Sometimes the smallest things can be the most stunning in their perfection – and that’s certainly true of Aruba, the tiny gem of an island known for its beautiful little capital, intricate ecosystem and lovely beaches.

Immerse yourself in laid-back luxury at a coastal resort or in a condo in town; marvel at the pretty, candy-colored Dutch-style houses; and uncover a wealth of wildlife amid the island’s varied habitats, which take in everything from arid desert to dense vegetation.


In the lagoons, leatherback sea turtles lay their eggs, and a rich array of life flourishes in the drenched mangrove forests. Dive the fish-filled reefs and shipwrecks off the coast, or visit the protected Arikok National Park, where volcanic rock formations, rare burrowing owls and ancient cave paintings by the indigenous Arawak people await.   

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