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Visit Jamaica

Jamaica is a real bucket-list destination, a one-of-a-kind place that just has to be visited to be understood. The island’s colorful culture is enchanting, with festivals such as Carnival and the annual Independence Day celebrations regularly filling the streets with music and dancing. Meanwhile, the island’s natural beauty and upscale resorts offer a laid-back contrast to its lively towns and cities.   


Discover the pretty seaside resort town of Negril, the breathtaking beaches of Montego Bay and the grand colonial houses of Kingston. Wherever you stay, pristine white sands and blue waters await.


Climb down the iconic Dunn’s River Falls, marvel at the impossibly turquoise waters of the romantic Blue Lagoon, or head out for an exciting day of river rafting. Stay in a luxurious resort like Negril’s Seven Mile Beach or in an overwater bungalow, where you can step straight from your room into the crystalline sea.


Whatever accommodation you choose, and whatever style of vacation, Jamaica is a destination that will steal your heart.

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