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Visit the Maldives

For many people, the Maldives are synonymous with luxury; and it’s quite true that if it’s unrivalled indulgence you’re dreaming of, this has to be one of the best destinations you could pick. On this collection of over 1,000 islands you’ll find some of the most lavish accommodation on the planet, including the famous overwater bungalows that are so sought after here. But a Maldives vacation doesn’t need to mean sheer extravagance – there are options for lower budgets too, and we’re great at tracking them down.

A lot of the activity in the Maldives revolves around the ocean, with this being considered one of the best places in the world to learn to dive. Whether you want to dive, snorkel or just enjoy the sea in your own way, you’ll have the chance to swim alongside massive whale sharks, the largest fish in the ocean; spot turtle after turtle; and pick out tiny colorful fish darting among beautiful soft corals.

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