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So no matter what kind of vacation you’re interested in, we’re sure to be able to help. Here are just some of our specialties: 

Group & Hosted Group Travel

Travel is always a pleasure, but sharing it often makes it even richer. And the more people you have to share your experiences with, the sweeter those experiences can feel.


As rewarding as it is, however, organizing a group trip comes with specific challenges. But with Steele Away Travel, you won’t need to lift a finger to make your group trip a reality, as we will delight in doing everything for you – and yes, we mean everything.


No time-consuming coordination efforts, no planning, no budgeting, and no stress – not when we’re taking care of you and your people. Our group travel services include organizing excursions, hotels, meals and transportation, and offering round-the-clock support once you set off.

Specialist Caribbean Travel Advice

The Caribbean is our first love and our specialist field of expertise. We delight in opening up this incredible part of the world to more and more people, and we promise that by the time your trip is done you’ll be as smitten with it as we are.

Whether you crave the luxury of an all-inclusive resort, the elegance of a chic hilltop boutique hotel, or the seclusion of a tree house in the jungle, Steele Away Travel will find it for you. We know these islands like the backs of our hands, and we will craft a unique itinerary to connect you with the places, people and experiences that show them at their best. With us, you’ll discover why the Caribbean is more than just a destination; it is an experience that speaks to the soul.  

Vacation Consultation

We pride ourselves on the completely tailored vacations we design for each one of our customers. Where some travel agents consider their jobs done once customers have picked a hotel and booked flights, we offer attention to detail every step of the way.

It all starts with the initial vacation consultation, where we’ll dig deep to really understand what you and your group hope to get out of your trip. Using your lifestyle, travel goals, travel history and special requests as a foundation, we’ll build your personalized itinerary. We can plan every element of your dream vacation – right down to the meals and the entertainment, if you want.

Cruise Planning

A cruise is a truly remarkable way to see several destinations in one trip, with your time in transit becoming part of the experience and a pleasure in its own right.

Step aboard a ship or boat with comfortable cabins, gourmet food and daily entertainment. At every port, you’ll gain new insights into fascinating cultures, sample new cuisines and explore beautiful new landscapes and cityscapes. Whether you prefer river cruising, exploration cruises, yachting, or ocean liners, we will find the cruise that’s your perfect match.  

Start planning your dream vacation today - contact us now!
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