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Your ticket to paradise

Steele Away Travel is your gateway to a world of wonder. We love making our customers’ dreams a reality, taking all the practical problems of vacation planning off your hands. Just relax and let us do what we do best: find flights, accommodation and activities that are perfect for you – no matter the size of your group, your budget or the style of vacation you prefer.

Featured Destinations


Stunning sands, a unique ecosystem and

candy-colored houses

Featured Destinations


Our expert services cover a wide range of travel styles, with options across the full budget spectrum.


I eat, sleep and breathe travel, and as an expert travel agent, I have years of wide-ranging experience in organizing all kinds of trips for all kinds of customers. 

I was thrown into the deep end of travel planning over 15 years ago, when my company asked me to arrange a Disneyland vacation for an employee. It sounded easy enough… until I realized the employee’s family had eight people in it.

At the heart of everything I do is one core belief: that the opportunity to explore this amazing world we live in shouldn’t be off-limits to anyone. That means no matter your budget, no matter your vision, I will take pleasure in finding the ideal trip for you.

Everything I do is led by my customers. Your job is dreaming up your perfect trip; my job is making it happen.

Meet Avia

Meet Avia

Your Travel Expert

What our clients are saying

Steele away is the best travel agency to deal with. It was a short notice but I still got the vacation I wanted for my birthday. Thanks again Avia Steele she is the best.

- S. Griddle

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